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We have all been under pressure over the last few months – and so have our internet speeds.  Home working, home schooling and replacing nights out with Netflix have, for many, taken their toll on our bandwidth. And being ineligible for fibre broadband can make you feel like a prisoner of your sluggish ADSL service.

Faster speeds available to you now

At Scottish Wireless, we believe that it is good to have options – particularly when it comes to keeping our homes and businesses connected.  Unfortunately, despite Government promises, many people in the UK are unable to get fibre broadband even, in some cases, those living in city centres.  There are several reasons for this including the fact that your home may be too far from a street cabinet or, the telephone line between your home and cabinet is unable to support fast enough speeds.  Although this can be limiting, the good news is that it doesn’t mean that you’re without options.

Like a team of telecommunications superheroes, our experts are on hand to bring your home or business up to speed and boost your connectivity through our cellular connectivity products.  When fibre isn’t an option, we can help you to achieve the internet speeds you have only dreamed of – at budget friendly prices.  We’ll work with you to figure out the best option for your location and budget and, our guarantee is that we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way so that there are never any surprises in terms of price.

There is always a solution when working with Scottish Wireless

It’s true!  At Scottish Wireless, we supply solutions with out-of-the-box thinking; Fast Track Fibre, Cellular Broadband and Fast FTTC.  What we do, we do well and, we’re dedicated to improving connectivity for all, getting homes and businesses online and, improving the local and national economies.

Got questions?  We’ve got answers!  If you’d like to know if we can help with your residential or workplace internet, our team is ready and waiting to hear from you.

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Scottish Wireless fibre backhaul and superfast network system throughout the building provides building owners with the opportunity to open up a Catalogue of Services for prospective and existing tenants – plus the release of additional revenue streams

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