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Scottish Wireless are pleased to launch our innovative 4g LTE offering to
business and residential customers in rural and semi-rural locations.

For so long people in rural locations have had to put up with sub-standard broadband speeds. Both residential and commercial tenants have simply had enough of poor service through a lack of investment in fibre infrastructure in some of the remote areas of Scotland and indeed, the UK.

How many businesses can identify with having 5-30 members of staff at a site all trying to conduct an honest day’s work but being unable to do so, through their systems not working properly due to bandwidth issues?

How many residents can identify with trying to watch your favourite game or your favourite TV show with continual buffering, all because you live in an area that has received no investment into your traditional fibre broadband infrastructure?

I am glad to say that Scottish Wireless can help you with both of these scenarios.

Not only do Scottish Wireless specialise in the fast track delivery of superfast fibre to both commercial and residential premises, we have also recently been developing our very own innovative 4g LTE product as an alternative cost-effective solution. This is available now and will serve both business and residential customers.

Our 4g LTE solution for businesses will be offered inclusive of a router, firewall and wireless hotspot. There will also be a static IP address option which will allow you to plug in surveillance equipment and monitor the images remotely from a network operations centre. There is also an option to plug in Telemetry devices that may be recording activity which is prevalent to safeguarding our national critical infrastructure.

The main reason that businesses and remote sites in rural locations have been interested in this product is that they have, in the past been quoted very high costs for traditional fibre to be delivered to their sites, sometimes upwards of £500K. By engaging with Scottish Wireless, we can quickly determine what speeds you are likely to get at your locations, up to 300mbps, and consult with you on the pricing structure of our packages to fit both your business and residential needs.

Scottish Wireless 4g LTE business service is very much suited to companies or services that have to track and manage fleet services, Emergency services, Logistic companies, public safety, Transport services, Temporary site locations, Branch offices, Telehealth, mobile libraries and event or media companies for streaming and connectivity purposes, made possible by adding a simple video encoder.

The solution also has wi-fi capability which allows you to gain a healthy Return-on-Investment (ROI) through commercialising the data analytics that you will receive through the captive portal on the wi-fi hotspot along with any access points that are connected to the system.

With the Scottish Wireless 4g LTE solution there are ports for IP phones, (which will become prevalent when BT decommission their copper services in 2025), surveillance and wireless on the move, also the ability to install multi sim if you have a need for more than one MNO provider as part of your business.

Additionally, through this service we provide a more cost effective disaster recovery (DR) solution providing failover of disparate networks.

The great news is that there is a professional, trusted, supplier in Scottish Wireless, providing alternatives to bridge the gap to a traditional full fibre UK!

Kind Regards
Peter Nevans

For further information or to arrange a meeting with Peter please contact him directly at: [email protected] or call # 0754 932 7108.

Scottish Wireless fibre backhaul and superfast network system throughout the building provides building owners with the opportunity to open up a Catalogue of Services for prospective and existing tenants – plus the release of additional revenue streams

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