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We have been informed from potential clients that some are still unprepared for any disaster recovery on their telephony network. Those that have moved to Microsoft Teams and office 365 hosted solutions have this week seen major outages which has prevented them from communicating as a business and seeing an increase in their own internal costs.

Many businesses simply do not know that by 2025, all ISDN and PSTN services will be discontinued by BT. As their traditional telephone systems utilise ISDN 30 channels, it is important that they start to engage with providers, like Scottish Wireless, to enable us to help them to maintain business continuity and realise day one cost saving by using our managed IP based telephony solutions.

This provides the ability to relocate and redeploy staff to any location whilst allowing them to make free UK calls over the company’s networks. It also means that at this moment in time clients can be saving on average 50% on their existing telephony costs by transferring to Scottish Wireless IP based Managed Telephony. This will give clients the ability to add, move, and change at the touch of a button rather than a cost of time, resources, and equipment to make changes as currently exists, drastically reducing the total cost ownership against the legacy systems.

Some of our clients have found that having to cover employees’ mobile costs whilst working from home has seen an increase in costs by up to 120% on their mobile and telephone costs.

By moving to an IP based managed telephony solution from Scottish Wireless our clients are able to add software to their employee laptops, their telephone numbers to the inventory and allow them to make free calls, both phone and video, over the company’s new IP based telephony network wherever they are in the UK – or abroad for that matter.

It really is the true definition of Any device, Any place, Any time.

We have also recently helped a client who had a power outage at their site in Glasgow. At the touch of a button, they were able to divert all calls going into the Glasgow office to their Edinburgh office to ensure business continuity, preventing against the loss of revenue and customer satisfaction.

Scottish Wireless act as a trusted partner to all of our clients and help them in a consultative way to find the solution that is a perfect fit for their own business needs.

In the instances above, compelling events and reasons have meant that companies have had to increase bandwidth now to cope with the increased demand on their IP networks. Scottish Wireless offer extremely competitive rates across varying connectivity solutions to help clients in this situation.

The move to an IP based system will be enforced on businesses with BT’s withdrawal of their ISDN and PSTN services in 2025, as business have more reason now than ever to control costs and make their business continuity procedures more robust, they really should be considering a move to a Scottish Wireless IP based system to realise savings across their whole telephony estate.

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