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IOT has long been spoken about as a game changing technology and that is very true.

In this short blog, I will highlight exactly where IOT can make a huge difference in the Property and Asset management sectors.

IOT is a term used to describe the ability to connect a building via sensory devices and collate data which provides results on, amongst other things, the buildings health and environmental conditions.

These sensors can be pre-programmed to measure anything that you want within the property from Smart energy (Monitoring energy consumption and being able to control elements of this through your Smartphone) to deploying humidity and temperature controls to ensure that the house is at the optimum level to ensure that damp and wastage isn’t being identified when it becomes visible but rather when it starts to occur, hence reducing maintenance expenditure.

There are numerous ways to record sensor activity on a variety of different areas to ensure that you are able to control operating costs from a distance without being onsite.

IOT sensory devices can also be used to drive revenue for your business as when you are building or developing properties you could deploy a cost effective IOT solution which enables your tenants to receive notifications to tell them that they have left lights on  whilst they are out of the building for anymore than thirty minutes. This would be delivered to their smartphone and provide them with the ability to turn the light off directly from their smartphone. A great feature to be able to provide when trying to sell a property or office space.

To provide security to your tenants or protect your asset in general you can deploy sensors which tenants can easily program through an app, which allows them to customize their security settings. As an example, if the tenant is gone from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, they can program the security or motion sensor to automatically turn on during this time.

If the device senses that something is uncommon with the usual environment, it can connect through the building’s Wi-Fi service and notify the tenant via phone call, text message or email. Early notification can help thwart other break-ins in the same building or neighbouring buildings.

Once the sensor is activated, property/asset managers can benefit from providing tenants enhanced security without the need for monthly monitoring fees or for false alarm charges from emergency services.

The other area that can be really beneficial is the monitoring and recording of early water leakage or damage. I myself have been victim to water leakage very recently which caused my living room ceiling to collapse. This has resulted in me having to make a claim through my insurance company which will result in increased premiums when the policy is renewed. Having the ability to detect and monitor early onset of water damage could ensure that you don’t fall victim to something similar, especially when you potentially manage a large stock.

I am sure from this blog article you will be able to formulate ideas of generating new revenue streams and control your overall estates operating costs, not limited too the evident increase in rental yield by providing enhanced functionality and security to your tenants.

Scottish Wireless can take you on this journey from design to implementation and work with you to find uses for the technology which are relevant to you.

Thank you.
Peter Nevans

For further information or to arrange a meeting with Peter please contact him directly at: [email protected] or call # 0754 932 7108.

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