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Is Fibre not a necessity to release future additional GDP/GVA growth?

A lot of focus in the media recently has been on the prime minister’s wish to have full fibre broadband to every home by 2025 and for those of us in the industry it is very welcoming news.
We have been told this week that Scotland’s target is to reach 100% superfast broadband availability by 2021.

It is important then to understand the difference between superfast broadband and ultrafast broadband (What the PM is proposing) and I will try to convey this in layman’s terms as to avoid any confusion with those of you that are not au-fait with industry jargon or product terms.

Superfast broadband is the roll-out of fibre to the street cabinet, the last part of the delivery to your home/business from that cabinet will be over copper network which means that you will still have contention in your service. Let me give you an example:

You buy a broadband service from a communications provider and you will be told you are getting speeds up to 48MB or an equivalent. If you are being served by the same cabinet that is serving 100 people and at any one time 10 of those people are online, then you will sadly only be getting 4.8MB. This is because as long as there is copper between that cabinet and your premises then there is contention in the service.

With Ultrafast or fibre delivered directly to your premises, it is a full fibre run which means that your service should have no contention as it is is a dedicated fibre for your property. This means that if you order a 48MB service then that is what you will get regardless of who else in your business park or neighbourhood is accessing the Internet at that time. So you can probably guess from the above diagram and from the description of services that I have given that providing full fibre connectivity across the whole of the UK is very challenging indeed.

It will require additional trained resources, upskilling of existing copper only engineers, additional personnel in noticing departments both in councils and providers but that is not to say that it can’t be done through investment and the want of trying.

Fibre is in most people’s opinion an absolute must for businesses and households today to allow them to realise the potential of monitoring and measuring factors that will induce cost savings for businesses and families. Whether this be in creating SMART buildings to ensure that a business can maximise efficiencies to really drill down on cost, business wastage and revenue generation so to enable their business to grow or from the family with multiple devices all running at the same time watching the latest teen soap opera, gaming (Minecraft springs to mind) or using Smart Television features, then fibre is always the enabler to allow all of this to happen.

The questions above still require to be answered though:

Why do you think the UK is so far behind the rest of Europe with FTTP deployment?
Is fibre not a necessity to release future GDP/GVA growth?

Scottish Wireless are committed to helping businesses to realize different ROI strategies and cost savings through the use of full fibre enabled technologies. Fibre will always be the catalyst for any business to maximise their full potential, unleashing ultra-fast speeds to unlock a catalogue of solutions to help you achieve both short and long term ROI gains.

Not only that, Scottish Wireless believe that the gap must be bridged in terms of fibre delivery to rural locations. We believe that all people regardless of location should have the same opportunity through technology as everyone else. That is why we partner with strategic clients that can act as a fibre ingress for rural broadband solutions as a starting point. That is why we have cellular experts in our business that can help provide superfast connectivity through these means. We have a complete end to end range which allows everyone to experience the levels of speeds that they should be enjoying.

So my ask of you is threefold:

  • If you or your business require fibre to your premise and you want full visibility of upfront costs and the delivery project managed from start to finish ensuring a quicker installation of fibre then contact us today!
  • If you are a business, community or energy supplier in a rural location who would like superfast broadband speeds, contact us today!
  • If you require help to understand how your business can make clear ROI strategies through the deployment and use of technology, contact us today!

We are here to help you. Connectivity for All.

Thank you.
Peter Nevans

For further information or to arrange a meeting with Peter please contact him directly at: [email protected] or call # 0754 932 7108.

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