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Fibre Optic Leased Line for your business

Take the next step to transform your business performance

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With Scottish Wireless’s business fibre leased lines you can ensure your business has a fast, and reliable service, with 1 Gbps unlimited usage.

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    The benefits of our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps

    N Blisteringly fast 1Gbps maximum speed, with 200Mbps as standard
    N Flexible ‘boost’ for complete peace of mind 
    N 100% Service Level Agreement
    N Unlimited usage – No extra bandwidth costs
    N 24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical service
    N Guaranteed Return to Service of 5 business hours

    Transform your business productivity with Full Fibre Leased Lines

    Boost communication
    Revolutionise the way your business communicates. Ditch the landline and have meetings face-to-face with HD video conferencing tools

    Cloud Computing
    Offers huge cost and time saving benefits and flexibility but only becomes a practical solution with a full fibre Ethernet solution.

    Increase your productivity
    Full fibre Ethernet drives increased productivity in the workplace thanks to being an uncontended service and ultra-low latency service.

    Satisfy customers faster and better
    Uploading and downloading at gigabit speeds enables you to deliver greater value to your customers.

    Reduce your overheads
    Accessing and sharing business data over full fibre Ethernet saves you both time and money. Improve internal and external communication, reduce paper use and share information rapidly regardless of file size.

    Scottish Wireless fibre backhaul and superfast network system throughout the building provides building owners with the opportunity to open up a Catalogue of Services for prospective and existing tenants – plus the release of additional revenue streams

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